Actual PSA. 

this is something that’s really important for people to understand, and that most people don’t


Imagine how Mcgonagall felt seeing harry catch Neville’s remembrall outside of her window. She must have been so happy  because new seeker but at the same time she was probably like omg this child, just like his father can’t believe i have to go through this shit again. And then finding Harry and Ron in the bathroom with the troll and being like Jesus Christ I can’t even deal with James/Sirius part 2. It’s only October and you guys are battling trolls in the toilets.




"What’s a Wheezy?"…"The thing Harry Potter will miss most, sir!” 

i did one for ginny and now finally have done one for ron

this could have been so much longer


My cat and my GF’s kitten are getting along
Anonymous: I'm sorry but elves just look wrong as POC, they lose so much of their ethereal beauty and the purity that they represent.



*makes hour-long fart noises*

"Im sorry but black people cant be elves because black people arent beautiful or good"

Please tell me this anon is fucking joking.


Hermione ships Hinny almost as much as Harry ships Romione.

i’m sorry, but i just do not like clara as the doctor’s companion. nothing against jenna louise coleman, but clara’s character is just too annoying for me to enjoy doctor who. i could only watch the first few minutes of the premier before i changed the channel. :(


ok but hear me out- what about a lightning bolt scar that looked like real lightning?




tell me it’s not only me

and chairs that don’t have them are never comfortable

My feet don’t reach the ground in most chairs. This part is so helpful.

When The Doctor and Donna meet again
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